Retreat for Girls has been an answer to prayers. My daughters have found a little piece of Heaven where they can go and through examples of the wonderful counselors, and the many opportunities with the Spirit learn to understand the true daughters of God that they are. After a week at RFG, they have the spiritual strength to face the school year. A full week of great talks that are interesting to teens, fun, and friends, builds their testimony stronger every year. I want to give my girls every opportunity I can to have spiritual experiences. RFG gives them a full week of that. I can't think of anything that is more worthwhile to spend my money on.

Nicole, parent


Retreat for Girls has been an amazing experience for our daughter.  We found it quite by accident four years ago and signed her up.  She went all by herself.  Both my husband and I were a little concerned because she was alone, but we needn’t have worried.  When we picked her up her first question was, “Can I come next year?”  She attended all four years and loved each one.  Her testimony has grown so much.  I can’t say enough good about Katie and the people who work so hard to make this a good experience for the girls.  The girls love the activities planned, the service projects, and the speakers.  Thank you for a great experience!

Vernita, parent


Retreat For Girls is so great and amazing because it has given me a time and a place where I can get away from my hectic life and focus on strengthening my testimony. One of the reasons why I love Retreat for Girls so much is because of the counselors. These counselors are girls who have been through high school and hard times and made it through. They are all beautiful, fun, and spiritual examples that I can look up to. The classes at RFG are so great and testimony building. The speakers come and teach about a gospel topic. They are fun to listen to because they speak in a ways that capture our attention. Retreat For Girls is also spectacular because there are only girls. Its great to have that time where you can really focus on the spirit because there aren't any distractions (like boys). Most teenage girls act differently around boys then they normally would have. At RFG, you don't have to worry about impressing the guys. You can just be yourself.

Lauren, 4th year participant


Two of my daughters have had the opportunity to attend RFG and have had a terrific experience.  I feel that it is a very worthwhile experience for them.  They come home with a new appreciation for their mom, which I love, but also they have felt the spirit touch them and feel motivated to read the scriptures and pray more on their own.  They also have been motivated to write in their journal.   I am grateful for the insight and spirit that she felt there. 

Bonnie, parent


We sent our daughter to expose her to a wider range of LDS girls her age. We live in a small rural town and we wanted her to meet other girls from backgrounds more similar to our own. She is constantly singled out because she tries to be good and do what is right. We feel like she got much-needed positive reinforcement at your Retreat. Thank you!!

name witheld, parent


This was the funnest week of my life! I loved it soo much! I am glad I went! Thank you, thank you! I have been talking and dreaming about going next year since I got home!

Lexie, participant


What a wonderful idea to bring the Academy for Girls back thru your "Retreat for Girls" conference. I am the mother of four daughters. We sent one of our older daughters to the Girls Academy program in 1998. I was so disappointed when the program was discontinued and that my other 2 daughters missed out on this experience. It was a wonderful experience for our daughter. I know her testimony was greatly strengthened by that experience and it helped to increase her thirst for more similar experiences. That desire led her to continue to attend EFY every summer until she graduated and is now a student at BYU. Our remaining daughters at home are now over 14 so they will miss this opportunity. I think your retreat will be a wonderful time for these Young Women to focus on who they are as daughters of a Heavenly Father, How fortunate for others that they will have it.

Laura, parent


I have loved all the different activities we have done at RFG. After all the spiritual activities that we have had here I know now that I am truly a daughter of God. Before this week, I always knew I was, but now I actually KNOW, I understand. Also, because of this week, I know I will go home with a stronger testimony.

Samantha, 1st year participant


Retreat for Girls is an amazing program that I have been going to for four years.  I really love everything we do there and there is never a moment where you are not having fun, learning, and meeting new people.  They have some really spiritual things we do, but at the same time we are having fun while doing the spiritual activities!! My testimony has grown so much and I love the Gospel! The counselors are always really funny and they care about every girl and try to help them have the best experience of their lives.

Haylee, 4th year participant


My daughter has loved every minute of Retreat for Girls.  She always comes home with stories of her great experiences and tells me of all the things she learned about.  She looks forward to Retreat each year. The speakers that speak, the fun counselors, and your sweet testimony all influence these girls at a time when they are so impressionable.  There is nothing I'd rather do as a mother than to send my daughter to Retreat where there is no distraction from the world or boys and they are free to feel the spirit that is so strong there.

Karen, parent


Retreat for Girls is a very fun and spiritual week that I have looked forward to every year.  During Retreat for Girls my testimony has grown more than even at Girls Camp.  The counselors are always great and the time spent, is well spent.  Every girl that has the opportunity should go to RFG.

Shaylee, 4th year participant


In my town I am the only member that is my age. It is hard to be obedient and virtuous when there is no one else that is living the same standards as me. But here at RFG there are LDS girls everywhere and it is easy to feel the spirit. This camp has changed my life.

Abbie, 1st year participant


I feel that after RFG I have come to know that I am a daughter of God more than I have ever understood.   I will have many memories to tell my family. I loved the speakers. There is so much in their talks that I can relate to and feel the spirit from.

Brianna,  1st year participant