Can I request more than one roommate?

No.  The registration form clearly states that you may only request one roommate. Please do not make requests to have others placed in a group or apartment.  We are unable to honor these requests. There are only two beds in each room.  While many girls come with a roommate, each year we also have many who come without one, simply excited to make a new friend. Part of the magic of Retreat for Girls is meeting new friends in your group and a new roommate is no different.  We hope this change will not keep any of you from joining with us.

Many people have wondered why we don't allow multiple sets of roommates to request to be in the same group.  Our experience has been that when that many girls come together, they often stay together and don't interact as much with the other girls in the group, thus making the experience of others in the group less enjoyable. Remember, one of the great aspects of Retreat for Girls is the chance to come and meet others!  You will be able to see all of the other participants at almost every activity throughout the entire week.

Can I room with someone who is not my same age?

It is recommended that you room with someone that is your same age because groups are organized by age.  Yet, if you want to room with someone that is not your age, that is possible.  However, we will not be able to place girls more than 2 years apart in the same group (i.e. 12 yr. old with a 15 yr. old).  You and your roommate will most likely be put in a mixed age group. Please do not request a specific age group you would like to be placed in as we cannot guarantee group placement with roommates of different ages.

What do I need to bring to Retreat for Girls?

A welcome packet with information about your week at Retreat will be made available on our website about a month before the conference.  We wait until then to make sure all necessary information is included.  Inside the packet you will find information containing a list of the items you will need to bring, as well as, recommended optional items.  You will go to the Resources menu of our website to access this list.

What is the dress code at Retreat for Girls?

At Retreat for Girls the dress code requirements state that participants cannot wear shorts.  Capris are fine and any other modest pant style that goes below the knee.  Also, all shirts and tops must have sleeves and be modest. Unfortunately, some participants in the past haven't brought appropriate dresses either.  Skirts and dresses should also go below the knee.  Dresses should have sleeves and be considered modest in design. If in doubt, refer to the standards outlined in For the Strength of Youth and always error on the side of modesty.  If a participant's clothing does not meet the dress code at any point during the week, they will be asked to change.  Each participant agrees to follow the dress code and associated procedures at the time of registration.

Does Retreat for Girls offer any discounts or scholarships?

This year we are offering two discounts.  First, there is a priority registration discount for everyone who enrolls by May 31st.  Second, we offer a mail-in discount for any participants who choose to mail in their registration and pay by check, thus avoiding credit card fees.  More information about these discounts can be found on our registration pages. 

Over the past few years, we have been contacted by many families that would like to send their daughters, but feel they are unable to financially.  We realize that there are a variety of situations that may make sending a daughter to Retreat a challenge and we wish that there was more that we could do.  Through the kindness and donations of others, we have been able to offer some partial scholarships in years past.  We readily accept scholarship donations, but can only offer scholarships if these donations become available.  Retreat for Girls has always tried to keep our prices below those of similar conferences and we hope that potential participants recognize the exceptional program we offer - even with a lower price point. In order to keep the price low for everyone, the discounts mentioned above are the only discounts we are able to offer.  We know that attendance at a week-long conference is expensive, yet we have had many young women work hard and creatively to save up enough money to attend.  We encourage this attitude and feel that it can make the experience even more meaningful.  We look forward to being able to help more families in the future.

Can I come to Retreat for Girls but stay off campus for a discounted rate?

We do not allow participants to stay off campus.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, there is a liability factor that we have not been able to resolve.  Secondly, we truly believe that staying in the dorms contributes to the experience the girls have during the week. The little time they have at night as a group, binds friends together and the quiet time they get each night allows them to reflect personally on the events of the day.

Are there places near Retreat for Girls for parents to stay or things to do in Logan, Utah?

We know that getting girls here from out of state can be difficult or concerning, but hopefully we can help you make a good decision for you and your daughter.  There is an inn on campus, called University Inn that some families have taken advantage of it in the past.  There are also many hotels and accomodations off the university campus, but nearby.  The Logan Temple is just a few blocks below Utah State University and there are many summer activities in Logan and nearby areas including the Utah Festival Opera performances each summer, the American West Heritage Center, and the beautiful Logan Canyon, among many others.

What can I do to help?

We do appreciate any offers for help.  How could you help? First and foremost, assist us in getting the word about Retreat for Girls out to others!  If you are willing to share with others on Facebook and other social media outlets, give out brochures, put up posters in your area, or have other great ideas about how to help others find out about Retreat we would greatly appreciate it!  If you would like to request posters or brochures to share with others, make your request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or go to our resources menu and print them there.  Join our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to receive updates that can be shared with others, as well as, notices of new blog posts, registration deadlines, etc.  

We also have many requests for scholarships each year from families in difficult circumstances.  Over the past few years we have been able to offer some partial scholarships thanks to the generosity of others.  If you or anyone you know are interested in making a donation that could be used to help other young women attend please contact Katie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Does Retreat for Girls have a way to pick up girls from the airport?

Unfortunately, Retreat for Girls doesn't have any means of our own for transporting girls to Logan, however there is a local shuttle service available.  The Salt Lake Express, which offers this service to and from the airport to Logan.  If you have used the Cache Valley Limo Service in the past, they have now merged with Salt Lake Express.  There may be other ways of getting to Logan as well.  Also, many past participants have made arrangements with friends or family members living in Utah to help them get to Logan.  However you do it, we hope you will be able to join us!

What color will our shirts be this year?

Yes, as silly as it may seem to some of you, we are often asked this question!  The shirt color for 2016 will be white and will feature colors similar to those on this year's theme logo. When you register, you will be asked to give a shirt size.  The shirts will be adult sizes so order accordingly to make sure that we get you the correct size.  We no longer offer a fitted t-shirt, as it is too hard to find a good modest one.  We will offer more of a classic fit woman's t-shirt that is true to size as we have the last few years. These are not junior or youth sizes. Please keep this in mind when you select your size.